We Are Team Aspect

We are GREATER than the sum of our parts. We PUSH each other. We INSPIRE each other.
We NEVER BACK DOWN from a challenge. And we always swing for the fences.

We treat every project like a game-changer. We BELIEVE our clients are part of our team.
We solve the hard problems TOGETHER. We don’t leave anyone on the sidelines. We all win when one of us wins.

We choose taquitos for every pregame meal. We don’t do victory parades, we do happy hours.
We shoot nerf guns first and ask questions later. We are reigning cornhole champions.

We COMPETE every single day.
We GO BIG. Every damn time.
And we never stop CHANGING THE GAME.

Meet the Team

Lisa Feldman

Nati Braunstein

Jason Chappelle

Jon Berkowitz
Creative Director

David Wilson
Executive Producer
Co-Head of Immersive Media

Ryan Vickers
Creative Director
Co-Head of Immersive Media

Kyle Gascho
Director of Operations

Kate Thomas
Director of Culture

Steve Harris
Creative Director

David O'Rourke
Head Copywriter

Alison Sieh
Director of Music

Mark Futa
Director of Post Production

Melissa Sandoval
Chief Financial Officer

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The Season 6 Combat Pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone has arrived! Thanks to our friends @activision for another fun project!
Bigger and badder than ever! Can you survive this Onslaught?! Big thanks to @activision, always so much fun!
A very special shout out to the one that keeps us all going every day and gets us out of bed in the morning. You’re always there to perk us all up. We don’t know how you survive the grind, let alone come out of it richer, warmer and, yes, nuttier! You complete us. #NationalCoffeeDay
Mark your calendars, because #DisneyPlusDay is coming! Catch all your favorites PLUS more on November 12.
Congratulations to our partners at @disneyplus for their 14 Emmy Award wins! Aspect salutes all of this year’s nominees. #Emmys2021
Congrats to our friends at @marvel for a barrier breaking and record shattering opening weekend! We knew #shangchi was a legend, and now the world knows it, too!
DC fans assemble! #DCFanDome is back and bigger than ever. Stream it free on October 16. #goteamaspect
Don’t have a good weekend… have a great weekend. And catch #freeguy, now playing only in theaters. #goteamaspect #blueshirtguy

Celebrating 40 Great Years


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